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My Journey to the Global Ethics Forum - by Shu Wen, the student representative

Date:2014-2-28 17:20:58
On January 2nd I flew to India, an enchanting and mysterious nation, to attend the Global Ethics Forum (GEF) held in Bangalore on behalf of the Collegiate Social Responsibility Association (CSSA) at the University of International Business and Economics, together with professors and advisors of the Center for International Business Ethics (CIBE) at UIBE. Being the birthplace of Buddhism, India is renowned for its oriental charm of traditional culture. India also created some global technological miracles while at the same time faces a series of social problems like poverty and worsening public security conditions. This Indian event serves as a good model of western-eastern communication and understanding.
I fully engaged myself in the discussions of business ethics and equality issues, which made me establish deep friendship relations with other participants. My speech was about inequality issues in business education. I analyzed the status-quo of Chinese business education from such aspects as mode of education, gender, and urban-rural gap.
My first interpretation experience ever
On the first day of meeting, I was assigned the task of interpreting for Professor Le Ping. This made me extremely nervous because I had never done it before. I quickly discussed the main contents of her speech---Dilemma of Chinese Female Development. We unconsciously accepted too much notion of gender inequality, for example, the issue of objectivity in evaluating women. Professor Le had deep insights into contemporary female problems, which enlightened me in the sense that rationality needs to play a leading role in awakening public awareness and social civilization. I also paid my sincere tribute to this respectful professor who engaged herself in advocating women's rights. I grasped the essence of professor Le's speech and acted in a calm and confident manner. The whole audience burst into laughter when I successfully translated her humorous wits into English. At that point, I knew that I had made it.
Young India
Indian participants were the majority in the forum. A young female scholar from the organizing committee impressed me most due to the fact that she was not only knowledgeable but also friendly and communicative. Despite the forum's scale, she was, always being responsive and flexible in both moderating the forum and delivering speeches. Several other Indian people with whom I communicated more frequently were scholar women under 30. One of them is a lecturer at Calcutta University's Business School. Another just finished her MBA in London and acted as a volunteer in GEF. She was very much interested in Chinese economy and education. One of the common features of the Indian speakers is their strong-mindedness, expressiveness, enthusiasm and sincerity. All this presented a dynamic and enterprising India. People once said the 21st century belongs to China and the 22nd century belongs to India. This young nation is the cradle of boundless future prosperity.
Equality in inequality---Our responsibility
The fact that all the participants shared common beliefs and ideals, coming from all over the world to discuss human beings' future, regardless of their profession, gender, or nationality, fascinated me to a great extent. The relaxing and free academic atmosphere is what I cherished and appreciated. My proactive engagement made me accumulate much more knowledge. I now realize the value of business ethics in China as we are on our way to build a system of business ethics and morality. This forum marks a perfect combination of commercial world and academic world in the sense that knowledge and wealth make joint efforts in creating welfare for the society. China lags behind in this domain while some countries and institutions have already progressed significantly. One professor initiated the project of building the new global business college, which attracted the entire audience's attention. As a result, the host decided to hold a separate workshop for him.
In conclusion, thanks to CIBE and CSSA to provide me such a unique opportunity for studying and sharing with international elites. For my part, this forum enlightened me in organizing student activities in this domain of global ethics. What we need to do now is shoulder responsibility and start actions soon.