Global Ethics Forum 2016: Frequently Asked Questions


When will the conference take place? Where is it located?
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 will take place 23-25 June 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. Please click here for more information.
Is it possible to present a paper at the forum?
There are no paper presentations but short panel inputs.
How can I enrol as a Volunteer?
You need to register online via this webpage
How can I let you know about my food allergies or dietary requirements?
Please contact us at globalethicsforum@globethics.net.



How can I register? What are the registration rates? What is included and excluded in the registration pack?
You can do so by clicking here.

Are the registration fees refundable?
No, the registration fees are non-refundable.

The registration form is not loading.
Please make sure you have installed the latest version of your Internet browser. If the form does not appear please contact us at globalethicsforum@globethics.net.

I just want to attend one session. Is that possible to do without registering for the conference?
Individuals wanting to participate in one session must register stating that they will attend only for 1 session with the whole payment as per the chosen category
Is there funding available to help with travel/registration costs?
You can ask your University / Organisation for your sponsorship; this time unfortunately we do not have the funds to your support participation.
What are the requirements for getting a visa invitation and what is the deadline?
Please make your requests for invitation letters for visa purposes as soon as possible; the visa invitation letters will be sent only up until 25 May 2015. In order to provide you with the Visa invitation you need to provide us the below documents:

1. Passport scan copy
2. Temporary flight ticket / Itinerary
3. A copy of the hotel reservation. You will get the conference rate if you book your hotel via this webpage.
4. A copy of Schengen Health travel insurance



How can I book a hotel room, and what are the rates?
Due to other conferences taking place in Geneva at the same time, including the United Nations Human Rights Council, demand for hotel rooms is high, so please secure a room as soon as possible. A limited number of rooms at a preferential rate have been reserved for you at the hotels listed below. Just mention "Globethics" when you make your booking. Note: For participants from countries receiving development aid and working in a non-governmental organization, there is the possibility to get subsidised lodging in Geneva, paying from only 35CHF/night.
You can find all information and application procedure here

How do I get to the Appartcity Ferney Voltaire hotel from the airport and to the venue?
There will a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel Appartcity Ferney Voltaire and from the hotel to the Ecumenical center, where the conference is going to take place and vise versa.You need to provide us your flight number and timings for the service.
What are the emergency contact numbers?
Emergency number – 112 and Police – 117

Common medical emergency vocabulary
It's an emergency - C'est un cas d'urgence
My name is - Je m'appelle
My telephone number is - Mon numéro de téléphone est
I live at - J'habite à
I want an Ambulance: une ambulance/ J'ai besoin d'une ambulance


Where is the closest ATM (Automated teller machine/cash machine) nearby the venue?
Postomat Office de poste ATM Rue Sonnex 12 • 0848 888 710


>> Your question is not listed? Please contact us at globalethicsforum@globethics.net.