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This is an online collection on essay competitions which is part of the Collections.  Essay competitions are running annually by Regional Offices. The youth of China, India, Indonesia, East and Francophone Africa are invited to document their view, comments, opinions, and research on ethical issues with global relevance and contextual perspectives. Topics covered in the collection include bioethics, community ethics, cultural and religious ethics, economic ethics, and environmental ethics, among other subjects.


Classification tree
AC Essay Competitions Collection 
AC1 GE Regional Programmes
                            AC11 East Africa
                            AC12 Francophone Africa
                            AC13 China
                                        AC131 Collegiate CSR Case Study Competition
                                                    AC1311 2010
                                                    AC1312 2011-2013
                                        AC132 Ethical dilemmas
                                                    AC1321 2014
                                        AC133 Research in Chinese Business Ethics
                                                    AC1331 2015-2016

                            AC14 India
                                        AC141 Towards a Corruption Free India
                                                     AC1411 2012-2013
                                        AC 142 Economy and Ethics
                                                     AC 1421 2013
                                        AC 143 Politics and Ethics
                                                     AC 1431 2013
                                        AC 144 Religion and Ethics
                                                     AC 1441 2013
                            AC15 Indonesia
                                        AC151 2013
                                                     AC1511 Islamic Ethics and Social Problems in Indonesia          
                                                     AC1512 Ethics and local wisdom in the moral construction of the nation
                                                     AC1513 Ethics and Dakwatainment
                                        AC152 2014
                                                     AC1521 Business Ethics
                                                     AC1522 Social ethics on inter religious interaction

                            AC16 Russia
                                        AC161 2014

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