Vision, Mission, Values

Theological education and research for ecumenical dialogue


GlobeTheoLib aims to be a leading global platform for exchange and research on theology,
intercultural dialogue, ecumenism, and World Christianity.


GlobeTheoLib aims to empower people from all regions of the world, especially in developing and transition countries, for interreligious and intercultural dialogue, theological reflection and action between East and West, North and South by:

  • Providing access to knowledge resources on theology and ecumenism through GlobeTheoLib
  • Making the authentic theological voices heard of churches and marginalized groups of Christians and churches from the different continents of this earth by creating a new quality of mutual connectivity
  • Facilitating networking on theology and ecumenism in GlobeTheoLib with an online community of persons and organizations
  • Stimulating global collaborative research on selected fields such as contextual theology, ecumenical theology and interreligious dialogue;
  • Implementing GlobeTheoLib as a project of Foundation on its internet and library platform.


  • Sharing: GlobeTheoLib promotes the mutual sharing of global and contextual theological concerns and perspectives among Christianity and world religions as a contribution towards overcoming all forms of religious extremism and strengthening world peace.
  • Respect: GlobeTheoLib respects and affirms the dignity of every person and the diversity of all Christian denominations, different cultures, and world religions.
  • Unity: It serves the unity of Christian churches and solidarity with all of people of good will in the service to peace, justice and integrity of creation.
  • Participation: GlobeTheoLib values the participation of people from all regions and denominational backgrounds of the world, including representatives from other religious traditions.
  • Responsibility: GlobeTheoLib encourages responsible use of and responsible contributions to its knowledge resources and network.
  • Transparency: GlobeTheoLib is committed to building trust through honesty, openness, transparency and accountability.
  • Quality: GlobeTheoLib is committed to providing and promoting high quality resources and scholarly contributions to theology and religious studies.