Philosophical Ethics
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Techno-Thoreau: Aesthetics, Ecology and the Capitalocene
For the Wild: Ritual and Commitment in Radical Eco-Activism by Sarah M. Pike
Elementos para una ética argumentativa
Martha Nussbaum y Ursual Wolf. Un contrapunto acerca de la vida buena
Pour une astronomie du cinéma : le perfectionnisme moral de Tom Cruise, trajectoire d'une star
Superhero Movies and Politics: The Moral Obligations of Film Makers according to Virtue Ethics
Homo brevis. Ética de la duración, la fatiga y el fin
John Rawls’ ‘justice as fairness’ and the demandingness problem
Senses of Echo Lake: Michael Palmer, Stanley Cavell, and the Moods of an American Philosophical Tradition
The Habermas-Rawls debate
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