Religion and Gender
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The Body of Mary: Embodiment and Identity in Modern Apparitions
Unveiling Muslim Women in Socialist Yugoslavia: The Body Between Socialism, Secularism, and Colonialism
A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance: Abortion Death Rituals in South Korea
The Body Politic(s) of the Jezebel Spirit
Review of Diane D’Souza, <i>Partners of Zaynab: A Gendered Perspective of Shia Muslim Faith</i>, Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2014, 240 pp., ISBN 978161117...
The Ghosts of Performance Past: Theatre, Gender, Religion and Cultural Memory
Review of Leah Payne, <i>Gender and Pentecostal Revivalism: Making a Female Ministry in the Early Twentieth Century</i> (CHARIS: Christianity and Renewal—Interdisciplinary ...
Review of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, <i>A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women’s Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870</i>, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2017, 484 pp....
Review of Jeanette Jouili, <i>Pious Practice and Secular Constraints: Women in the Islamic Revival in Europe</i>, Stanford, California: Stanford University Press 2015, xiii...
Religion, Gender, and Body Politics
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