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Silencing behaviours in contested research & their implications for academic freedom
How the Atacama Skeleton Might Advance Discussion of Responsible Conduct of Research Responsibilities
iSchool Student Research Journal, Vol.9, Iss.2
Validation of the mapping of innovative methods and research integrity curricula
Revisiting Tsuda Sōkichi in Postwar Japan : “Misunderstandings” and the Historical Facts of the Kiki
Cultures collide! Enhancing The Student Record Through The Lens of Academic Integrity
How can the integrity of occupational and environmental health research be maintained in the presence of conflicting interests?
Research ethics and integrity challenges require innovative approaches
Commentary on the 2019 Quality Promotion Conference organised by the Council on Higher Education
Towards a Responsible Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The case of Royal Philips
1 2 3 . . . 124