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Teacher as Fulcrum: Revalidation of Ethics and Values in the 21st Century Educational Scenario

About this event

The main objective of this conference is to enthuse and enhance the professional competence of the faculty participants and new entrants to the vocation of teaching. The conference is meant to guide the participants to fulfil a great social function by re-centring their curricular and pedagogical approach that gives primacy to ethics and values. The intended goal of the conference is to strengthen human values and humanistic impulses in the minds of the learners—a procedure in which teacher-facilitators function as dynamic catalysts.

Themes and Sub-Themes

This virtual conference is expected to be a live dynamic attempt to rejuvenate the ethics and values whose conscious revalidation ought to be the prime mission to be undertaken by the teaching community in the current times. Being part of the Shankaracharya (enlightened teacher of a Golden Period of ancient Indian Renaissance and Religious Reformation) academic community, AdiShankaraGroup of Institutions makes an attempt to initiate this Movement towards the “Revalidation of Ethics and Values.” The conference presentations would include:

  • Values and Ethics: Conceptual Framework—Perspectives.
  • Significance of infusing value-based education in the current times.
  • Revision of Values and Ethics in the 21st Century.
  • Indian Values and Ethos in Economic/Business/Social Colloquy and Everyday Practice.
  • Shaping Imperatives in Society: Religion and/or Spirituality.
  • Values and Ethics in a society’s well-being
When27-28 October 2021
10:30-13:30 CEST
Language English