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Short statements and recommendations, some adopted by Globethics.net Board of Foundation.

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Ethics in the Information Society: the Nine 'P's

A Discussion Paper for the WSIS+10 Process 2013-2015

ISBN: 978-2-940428-34-2
Series number: Globethics.net Texts No. 4
Publication: 2013

The global ethics network Globethics.net calls in this discussion paper for value-based decisions and actions for the development of information, communication and knowledge. It is based on seven core values: equity, freedom, care and compassion, participation, sharing, sustainability and responsibility. These values are exemplified on nine core topics of the information and knowledge society, the "Nine P's": principles, participation, people, profession, privacy, piracy, protection, power and policy. The Globethics.net Board of Foundation discussed and acknowledged the issue paper on 5 May 2013. Globethics.net invites all interested and concerned persons and institutions to discuss it and send their feedback and proposals for improvements to the Executive Director Christoph Stückelberger: stueckelberger@globethics.net. Website: www.globethics.net.


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