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What is University Ranking?

The University Ranking (GUR) provides the first global ranking instrument that places values, ethics and sustainability as central principles of higher education institutions worldwide. The aim is to demonstrate that institutional reputation, grounded on integrity, and the wider impact of higher education on society, the environment and the corporate world are indivisible.

Values and quality first

The first values-driven ranking is creating a new university ranking system that aims to transform the global view of higher education by placing values, ethics, sustainability, and student and staff experiences that contribute to societal transformation as the central principles of higher education. 

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You make the ranking

A ranking based on student and staff feedback

This is the first truly inclusive ranking of higher education institutions, open to all universities all over the world regardless of their size and budget. Institutions participate in the University Ranking project by taking part in a short survey of students and staff. These surveys will be analysed to generate a new, independent ranking of universities based on real experiences at each institution.

An independent global ranking

Promoting integrity and sustainability

This project aspires to transform higher education culture and practices to result in more impactful positive experiences for students, staff, the environment, industry and society. University Ranking is an independent branch of dedicated to generating a free, transparent and unbiased ranking based on data strictly used for this purpose only. University Ranking works with University World News (UWN) as a media partner. UWN is a well-established international independent newspaper and website with global reach, dedicated to providing coverage on higher education matters.

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Transform the future of education. Be part of the first inclusive, equitable and diverse ranking of universities.

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