Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world.

Our Mission

Equipping individuals and institutions for ethical thinking, decision-making and action through higher education and policy engagement from cross-cultural and global perspectives.

Our Values

  • Justice
  • Peace
  • Dignity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

Our Theory of Change

While the world has never been so interconnected, it is also facing unprecedented environmental, social, economic, technological, and political challenges, leading to further inequalities, polarisations, conflicts, and international and institutional mistrust, with anxiety towards the future, especially among the young generations.

In this context, people, and especially leaders at all levels, need to be empowered in their integrity and equipped to challenge and widen their perspectives to make evidence-based decisions, and to take actions for the common good and long-term well-being of the local and global communities. Higher education institutions (HEI), in particular, play a significant role in educating future leaders who can address 21st-century challenges in an equitable, sustainable and inclusive way.

Therefore, Globethics aims to achieve transformative change with its global network of higher education institutions and thought leaders, integrating applied ethics at the heart of academic activity and global policy dialogue, leading to innovative ethical solutions, especially for environmental justice, digital and emerging technologies, inclusive peace, and responsible governance. To achieve this goal, Globethics:

  • Empowers and equips students and professionals through higher education, including executive education programs in ethics,
  • Develops and spreads knowledge about applied ethics through networking, collaborative research, publications and open-access resources,
  • Supports ethical standard setting and implementation for institutional development,
  • Engages with policymakers on the international, national, regional and local governmental level, and at the HEI level, in multi-stakeholder academic and policy dialogues on global issues for transformative ethical leadership.