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This journal is published by VirtualMed in association with the Center for Cybermedicine and Internet Research.
This journal aims to be a pre eminent journal in this field by upholding the principles of open access.
Copyrights of articles belong to the authors, and authors are free to republish articles posted to this journal. How ever, the original copy of the article would remain indefinitely on our server, thus contributing to the evelasting process of learning.
The opinion of authors are in no way the official opinion of Virtualmed or the Center for Cybermedicine and Internet research.


ISSN: d000-0037


The library contains all the articles of Internet Health: Journal of Research, Application, Communication and Ethics from 2003 (1/1) to 2004 (3/1).


Internet Health is an Open Access Medical Journal.We support the initiatives to provide free and open access to scholarly communication on the internet.Authors own copyrights of their articles

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