Methodist Theology and Ethics – Continuing the Oxford Institute 2013

Workgroup Information


David Field, Academic Coordinator, Methodist e-Academy, Switzerland

The working group will discuss key theological and ethical themes that arose out of the papers presented at the Ethics and Theology workshop of the Oxford Institute of Methodist Studies ( The papers covered a broad range of issues under the general title of Wesleyan Communities and the World Beyond Christianity. The issues covered included – political ethics, globalization, Christian responses to political struggles in Palestine/Israel and Zimbabwe, Christian witness in post-Christian context, and religious pluralism. The group will engage in critical and constructive theological research around these and related themes drawing on the resources of the Methodist and Wesleyan tradition. The 28 participants come from 14 countries on 4 continents. They are members of a variety of denominations within the Methodist family

The goal is to continue the discussion of the themes that arose in the workshop with the goal of preparing the papers that were presented for publication, developing related publications and developing cooperative projects on themes that arose out of the papers.

Working method
Papers will uploaded on the site and discussed via the discussion forum.
The major language used will be English, however in some cases Spanish will also be used.

Members of the Working group on Theology and Ethics at the Oxford Institute and others with the permission of the Moderator.

Time frame
Start/end dates: August 2013 – December 2015
Milestones/deadlines: Publication of initial papers by December 2014

Expected outcome/deliverables
The publication of a series of papers that will contribute to how Methodists engage the world outside of Christianity.