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PELJ/PER publishes contributions relevant to the Research Unit Development in the South African Constitutional State. This means that most contributions will concern some aspect of constitutionalism or the law relating to development. The fact that the South African constitutional state is the focus, however does not limit the content of PELJ/PER to the South African legal system, since development law and constitutionalism are excellent themes for comparative work. While constitutionalism and development needs are constantly kept in mind as the main themes, contributions on any aspect or discipline of the law are welcomed, as long as the main themes are addressed. The journal publishes in English, Afrikaans, German and Dutch. This open access journal is also available at:

ISSN: 1727-3781


The library has all articles of PELJ/PER from vol. 11(1) 2008 to current, harvested from the African Journals Online (


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