Future of Theological Education in Africa

Workgroup Information


Research Working Group on Theological Education in Africa


Dr.Dietrich Werner, Programme Coordinator, WCC

Following earlier suggestions from several African partners as well as the WCC initiative for publishing the “Handbook of Theological Education in World Christianity” (Regnum June 2010) a group related to the AACC process for revitalizing associations of theological institutions in Africa (Dr. Simon Dossou, AACC, Prof. James Amanze, University of Botswana, Prof. Isabel Phiri, University of KwaZulu Natal and Dr. Dietrich Werner, WCC) has met in Gaborone, Botswana, in 12-14 August 2010 and recommended to plan for the publication of a Major Handbook on Theological Education in Africa. This book would be a major contribution to be made available for the AACC Jubilee assembly in Kampala 2013 as well as for the WCC assembly planned in Busan in 2013.
The publication should serve five major goals
a)      to provide regional surveys of the developments and recent challenges of theological education in the different regions of Africa,
b)      to identify some key common themes and challenges for the future of theological education in Africa;
c)      to describe the different and newly emerging forms of theological education in Africa (TEE; church related colleges, secular universities, Christian universities; distant-learning institutions);
d)     to provide more visibility and a comprehensive mapping of theological education institutions in Africa
e)      to accompany the process of revitalizing associations of institutions of theological education by creating a common platform and presentation of TE developments in Africa which will be crucial both for churches within Africa and their support for TE as well as for relating to partners outside Africa.
It was decided to appoint the following members of a core editorial board for this project:
Isabel Phiri (convener); Simon Dossou (AACC); Tharcisse Gatwa (advisor for AACC) Philomena Mwaura, James Amanze, Andre Chitlango from Lusophone Africa
Outline of content
The suggested six sections of the book will include the following:
1)      History of theological education in Africa (general survey articles on theological education in Africa and its history back to the second century)
2)      Regional surveys on theological education in Africa (specialized surveys articles on history and major institutions, developments in theological education in certain regions in Africa)
3)      Denominational perspectives on Theological education in Africa (major concepts and understandings of theological education within different denominational settings in Africa)
4)      Key issues and new frontiers in theological education in Africa (thematic introductory articles on specialized concerns and issues in theological education)
5)      Selected Innovative Models and Case studies of Theological Education in Africa
6)      Bibliographical and website Resources for Theological Education in Africa
Access policy
The group is restricted to the members of the editorial group.
For those who have an interest in this project please write to Prof. Isabel Phiri, SORAT, Pietermaritzburg or Dr. Dietrich Werner, WCC-ETE.