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The Online Quarterly Review of Crime, Ethics and Social Philosophy, a new interdisciplinary international journal, is the official journal of the European & International Research Group on Crime, Ethics and Social Philosophy (ERCES). ERCES was founded as a satellite of the European Society of Criminology. ERCES's mission and objectives are closely linked with the ESC while developing its own independence and autonomy.
The ERCES-Online-Journal is a quarterly published revue. The first Volume (Vol. 1 No 1 2004: Winter 2004) will be published online February / March 2004.
The journal is dedicated to investigation & fundamental theoretical discussion of crime and deviance, providing a focal centre for ethics, social philosophy and social theory discussion. In particular, it is committed to provide criminologists and deviancy-theorists with fundamental ethical, historical and social-philosophical issues. Ethics embraces a broad range of morals in various fields of social life - politics, justice and economics. Ethics and social philosophy issues have traditionally received less consideration in contemporary discussions on crime and deviancy than other issues. To face the problems of our times, criminologists and deviancy-theorists are more than ever committed to investigating the ethical and social-philosophical dimension of crime and deviancy, providing a focus for norms, their obedience, their transgression and their historical context. To reach this goal, they must integrate other disciplines. The Review is geared toward to the development of interdisciplinary exchange and transfer of knowledge.
For future issues, the Review seeks submissions on issues that contribute to the development of empirical and theoretical knowledge within the field of ethics, crime/deviance and Social Philosophy. The Review aims to develop investigation of the relation between norms & values, the transgression of norms and the ways these are sanctioned.
Specific foci might be the relation between facts and norms; the ethical, philosophical and religious aspects of crime and deviancy; universals, collective values and multicultural societies, value-systems in pre-modern, modern and late-modern society; social control and political/economical ethics; morally deplorable acts and formal / informal social reaction; crime, laity and religion; common consciousness, social philosophy and justice; history of crime concepts; history of moral philosophy, of criminology and deviance-theory.
The Review encourages submissions on these topics, especially the most controversial issues and major problems in and of social sciences( Conflict of culture, ethnicity, nationalism, terrorism, collapse of modern culture, crisis of values etc.).
The Review is a pluralistic, interdisciplinary international journal. It is an inherent part in the interactive strategy of ERCES; the ERCES-site provides authors and lecturers with an interactive round-table discussion.
The access to the ERCES Online Quarterly Review is free. Considering that the access to scientific knowledge shall be equal for all and free, we are not seeking subscription fees. But we are pleased to receive donations and / or funds which help us to reach our goals and maintain free access



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