African Churches Assets Programme (ACAP)

Workgroup Information


Prof. William O. Ogara


The African Churches Assets Programme ACAP is a project for churches and church-related organisations such as hospitals, schools and National Councils of Churches to improve the management of their manifold assets (including land, buildings etc.) in order to secure assets, improve efficiency and implement income generating plans.


This workgroup has been set up for the follow up of the planning workshop held in Nairobi 2-4 March 2016 with 25 church leaders and leading finance and asset managers from 10 African countries. This workgroup is a platform for exchange, communication and discussion between all participants of the ACAP programme.

Working Methods

Consultation and information sharing, through the online workgroup, during the workshops and email exchange and phone calls, one-on-one advice and consultancy in the development and implementation of the action plans and training and education


English. For other languages, contact the moderator.


Representatives of African Church institutions are invited from across the continent

Time frame and implementation

The three year programme 2016-2018 is coordinated by in cooperation with partner institutions, supporters and experts


Phase 1 culminating in the workshop in March 2016

Phase 2 including the enlargement of partner institutions, a workshop in September 2017, the roll out of action plans by the partner institutions and the development of online course modules on efective assets management for theological seminaries to be completed by April 2018

Further information