African Theological Institute 2013

Workgroup Information



Prof. Dr Maake Masango (South Africa)

Father Evangelos Thiani (Kenya)



This workgroup was set up for the African Theological Institute that took place alongside the AACC conference 2013 in Kampala, Uganda. 

For further information:

All African Conference of Churches

Global Ecumenical Network of Young Theologians



This workgroup shall be a platform for exchange, communication and discussion between all participants of the ATI programme. This communication shall lead to further develop the results of this institute and to help one another with the implementation of the outcomes in the respective churches and theological institutions. 

This participants of this workgroup shall also help to develop the new programme for the next African Theological Institute in 2014. 


Working Methods

Through sharing information on ecumenism in the African churches and helping in the development of the new theological programme for the next institute in 2014.

Language(s): English. For other languages, contact the moderators.



Restricted to participants of the African Theological Institute 2013.


Time frame

7 June 2013 to 7 June 2014



- Beginning of June 2013: invitations to participants to join and constitution of the workgroup

- End of June 2013: exchange of all materials, documents and papers produced at the African Theological Institute