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Amsterdam Law Forum is a Dutch foundation ("Stichting") run entirely by students of the Faculty of Law and of Amsterdam University College at the VU University Amsterdam upon supervision of an Advisory Board.
Amsterdam Law Forum aims at being a forum in the proper sense of the word, offering a meaningful platform where established scholars and young academics meet to discuss, analyse and interpret issues of an international and transnational legal nature. The articles in this quarterly, open-access online publication contribute to an interdisciplinary understanding of current international and transnational legal developments. Knowledge of such legal developments is embraced as a critical step towards and an integral part of furthering the cause of global justice.
Aside from serving as an important forum for international and transnational legal scholarship, Amsterdam Law Forum also provides an opportunity for its editors to develop their academic and critical writing skills. To this end, editors are encouraged to contribute to the content of our journal above and beyond their primary task of reviewing and suggesting points for improvement of the manuscripts received.

Scientific articles: Amsterdam Law Forum offers talented young academics an opportunity to engage in international and transnational legal scholarship. Therefore, this section contains Scientific Articles as researched and written primarily, but not exclusively, by master or graduate and PhD or postgraduate students.
Opinion Articles
Opinion articles: In order to give full effect to the forum it aims to be, Amsterdam Law Forum offers established scholars an opportunity to participate in the international and transnational legal dialogue through provocative, cutting-edge opinionated contributions. Therefore, this section contains articles of an editorial rather than scientific nature as written primarily, but not exclusively, by renowned and established scholars.
Commentaries: Amsterdam Law Forum recognises and embraces commentaries as a critical component of a forum where young and established scholars can meet to reflect upon developments of an international legal character. To this end, the commentaries section features a variety of reviews of both contemporary and historic texts as well as key events.

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The library is in the process of gathering all the articles of Amsterdam Law Forum from vol 1, 2008 to current, harvested from the VU University Library repository.


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