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Business & Society publishes the most outstanding scholarship on social issues and ethics, and their impact and influence on organizations. In this fast-growing, ever-changing, and always challenging field of study, Business & Society is the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted entirely to research, discussion, and analysis on the relationship between business and society.
Who Reads Business & Society? The Scholar: Business & Society is the most current, comprehensive and cutting-edge source of research and analysis in the field. It cuts across disciplines and borders to bring timely and sharply focused research to researchers, leaders, and decision-makers.
The Educator: Business & Society is an in-depth, engaging and practical way to stay on top of studies of business and society and bring the field to life in the classroom at all levels.
The Student: Business & Society is the best introduction to the state-of-the-art research and thought in the field of business and society.
Comprehensive Coverage: Wide-ranging in scope, Business & Society presents the latest theory, empirical research and analysis on the ways in which business and society affect each other. Topics covered include: business ethics and values · business/government relations · corporate governance · corporate social performance · environmental management · environmental issues · international dimensions of business and society relationships.
What You Get From Each Volume of Business & Society? Business & Society publishes rigorously reviewed original research and occasional invited works by top scholars. Over the course of a year, over 100 experts and scholars are engaged by the journal to review every piece submitted for consideration.


ISSN: 0007-6503 /E-ISSN: 1552-4205


The library contains all the articles of Business & Society from vol. 1(1960) to current, provided by Sage.



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