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Business Ethics Collection


The Collection "Business ethics" contains resources about major themes in Business and Economic Ethics. The collection is focusing on research and teaching in the field of business ethics from  theoretical and practical ethical insights to concrete applied ethical impact. It includes codes of ethics and other soft laws as a regulatory element of global governance. This large collection is introducing documentation on ethical issues in decision-making related to broad economic and commercial domains today, including codes of behavior within industries, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management and sustainability.

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BC Business Ethics Special Collection

BC1 Reference Works

BC2 Institutional Documents

BC3 Cross-Thematic Topics

BC4 Business Ethics/CSR Themes

BC5 Economic Ethics Themes

BC6 Business and Economic Ethics Teaching

BC7 Other



Classification tree


BC Business Ethics Special Collection

BC1 Reference Works

BC11 Encyclopedias/Dictionaries

BC12 Case studies

BC13 Bibliographies

BC14 Manuals/Handbooks

BC15 Biographies

BC16 Theses

BC17 Educational resources


BC2 Institutional Documents

BC21 General

BC22 International and Intergovernmental Organisations

BC23 Continental Governmental Organisations

BC231 America

BC2311 North America

BC2312 Latin America

BC2313 Caribbean

BC232 Europe

BC2321 Western Europe

BC2322 Central/Eastern Europe

BC233 Africa

BC2331 Sub-Saharan Africa

BC2332 North Africa

BC234 Asia

BC2341 Middle East

BC2342 Central Asia

BC2343 South & East Asia

BC2344 East Asia

BC235 Oceania

BC236 Comparative Studies

BC24 National Governments

BC241 America

BC2411 North America

BC2412 Latin America

BC2413 Caribbean

BC242 Europe

BC2421 Western Europe

BC2422 Central/Eastern Europe

BC243 Africa

BC2431 Sub-Saharan Africa

BC2432 North Africa

BC244 Asia

BC2441 Middle East

BC2442 Central Asia

BC2443 South & East Asia

BC2444 East Asia

BC245 Oceania

BC246 Comparative Studies

BC25 International Private Sector Companies

BC26 Continental/National Private Sector Companies

BC261 America

BC2611 North America

BC2612 Latin America

BC2613 Caribbean

BC262 Europe

BC2621 Western Europe

BC2622 Central/Eastern Europe

BC263 Africa

BC2631 Sub-Saharan Africa

BC2632 North Africa

BC264 Asia

BC2641 Middle East

BC2642 Central Asia

BC2643 South & East Asia

BC2644 East Asia

BC265 Oceania

BC266 Comparative Studies

BC27 International Non-Governmental Organisations

BC28 Continental/National Non-Governmental Organisations

BC281 America

BC2811 North America

BC2812 Latin America

BC2813 Caribbean

BC282 Europe

BC2821 Western Europe

BC2822 Central/Eastern Europe

BC283 Africa

BC2831 Sub-Saharan Africa

BC2832 North Africa

BC284 Asia

BC2841 Middle East

BC2842 Central Asia

BC2843 South & East Asia

BC2844 East Asia

BC285 Oceania

BC286 Comparative Studies

BC29 Other

BC3 Cross-Thematic Topics

BC31 Economic Growth/Stability

BC32 Property

BC33 Profit / Losses / Risks

BC34 Jobs / Working Conditions / Wages

BC35 Human Rights

BC36 Globalization

BC37 Environment / Sustainability

BC38 Social Responsibility / Corporate Citizenship

BC39 Other


BC4 Business Ethics / CSR Themes

BC41 General

BC42 Theories and Foundations

BC421 General

BC422 Definitions and History

BC423 Anthropological Foundations

BC424 Philosophical Foundations

BC425 Religious Foundations

BC426 Other

BC43 Agents of Corporate Responsibility

BC431 General / All Stakeholders

BC432 Companies

BC4321 General

BC4322 Shareholders

BC4323 Management

BC4324 Employees

BC4325 Customers / Consumers

BC4326 Suppliers

BC4327 Other

BC433 Legislators

BC4331 General

BC4332 International Legislators

BC4333 National Legislators

BC434 Professional Associations

BC4341 General

BC4342 Employers Associations

BC4343 Employees Associations / Unions

BC4344 Ethics Associations

BC4345 Auditing Associations

BC4346 Lobby Organizations

BC4347 Investors Organizations

BC4348 Consumers Organisations

BC4349 Other

BC435 Civil Society

BC4351 General

BC4352 Advocacy and Campaining

BC4353 Development Organizations

BC4354 Religious Organizations

BC4356 Other

BC436 Standardization Organizations

BC4361 General

BC4362 Standardization Organizations

BC4363 Accreditations / Certification Organizations

BC4364 Rating Agencies

BC4365 Other

BC437 Insurances

BC438 Other

BC44 Corporate Governance

BC441 General

BC442 Definitions and Principles

BC443 Laws and Codes

BC4431 General

BC4432 Corporate Laws

BC4433 Voluntary Corporate Codes

BC4434 Other

BC444 Leadership Ethics

BC4441 General

BC4442 Board Ethics

BC4443 Managers Ethics

BC4444 Strategy Ethics

BC4445 Organization Ethics

BC4446 Communication Ethics

BC4447 Social and Philanthropy

BC4448 Other

BC445 Risk / Control / Reporting

BC4451 General

BC4452 Risk Management

BC4453 Compliance Ethics

BC4454 Internal Control / Whistleblowing

BC4455 Transparency / Reporting

BC4456 Auditing

BC4457 Other

BC446 Other

BC45 Corporate Culture

BC451 General

BC452 Corporate Vision, Mission, Values

BC453 Managing Business Ethics

BC4531 General

BC4532 Codes and Ethical Standards

BC4533 Ethical Auditing and Reporting

BC4534 Ethics and Compliance Programs

BC4535 Ethics Formation and Training

BC4536 Individual Work Ethics

BC4537 Conflict Resolution

BC4538 Other

BC454 Diversity Management

BC4541 General

BC4542 Multicultural Diversity

BC4543 Multi-Religious Diversity

BC4544 Other

BC455 Corporate Cultures by Regions

BC4551 Corporate Cultures America

BC45511 North America

BC45512 Latin America

BC45513 Caribbean

BC4552 Corporate Cultures Europe

BC45521 Western Europe

BC45522 Central / Eastern Europe

BC4553 Corporate Cultures Africa

BC45531 Sub-Saharan Africa

BC45532 North Africa

BC4554 Corporate Cultures Asia

BC45541 Middle East

BC45542 Central Asia

BC45543 South & East Asia

BC45545 East Asia

BC4555 Corporate Cultures Oceania

BC4556 Comparative Studies

BC456 Other

BC46 Business Functional Areas

BC461 General

BC462 Functional Areas in Formal Sector

BC4621 General

BC4622 Research Ethics

BC4623 Production Ethics

BC4624 Financing / Accounting Ethics

BC4625 Human Resources Ethics

BC4626 Resources / Technology Ethics

BC4627 Marketing Ethics

BC4628 Tax Ethics

BC4629 Other

BC463 Informal Sector

BC4631 General

BC4632 Production Ethics

BC4633 Working Conditions

BC4634 Social Security

BC4635 Other

BC464 Company Types

BC4641 General

BC4642 Transnational Companies

BC4643 Small Medium Enterprises

BC4644 Other

BC465 Other

BC47 Business Standards and Norms

BC471 General and Theories

BC472 Standards and Norms

BC4721 General

BC4722 Corporate Specific

BC4723 Country Specific

BC4724 Industry Specific

BC4725 Government Generated

BC4726 International Generated

BC4727 Other

BC473 Codes of Ethics

BC4731 General

BC4732 Corporate Specific

BC4733 Country Specific

BC4734 Industry Specific

BC4735 Government Generated

BC4736 International Generated

BC4737 Other

BC474 Other

BC48 Other

BC5 Economic Ethics Themes

BC51 General

BC52 Ethics of Economic Systems

BC521 General

BC522 Liberalism

BC523 Capitalism

BC524 Socialism

BC525 Market Economies

BC526 Plan Economies

BC527 Colonial / Imperial Economies

BC528 Alternative Economies

BC529 Other

BC53 Ethics of Political Economy

BC531 General

BC532 Theories

BC533 Global

BC534 Continental / National

BC5341 America

BC53411 North America

BC53412 Latin America

BC53413 Caribbean

BC5342 Europe

BC53421 Western Europe

BC53422 Central / Eastern Europe

BC5343 Africa

BC53431 Sub-Saharan Africa

BC53432 North Africa

BC5344 Asia

BC53441 Middle East

BC53442 Central Asia

BC53443 South & East Asia

BC53444 East Asia

BC5345 Oceania

BC5346 Comparative Studies

BC535 Other

BC54 Trade Ethics

BC541 General

BC542 Trade Agreements

BC5421 General

BC5422 Global

BC5423 Regional

BC5424 Bilateral

BC5425 Other

BC543 Free Trade

BC544 Fair Trade

BC545 Supply Chain

BC546 Other

BC55 Economy and Religion

BC551 General

BC552 Economy and Spirituality

BC553 Buddhist Economic Ethics

BC554 Christian Economic Ethics

BC555 Confucian Economic Ethics

BC556 Hindu Economic Ethics

BC557 Islamic Economic Ethics

BC558 Jewish Economic Ethics

BC559 Other

BC56 Unethical economy

BC561 General

BC562 White Collar Crime

BC5621 General

BC5622 Fraud

BC56221 General

BC56222 Tax Fraud

BC56223 Other

BC5623 Corruption / Bribery

BC5624 Insider Trading

BC5625 Speculation

BC5626 Black Market

BC5627 Money Laundering

BC5628 Product Piracy

BC5629 Other

BC563 Unequal Treatment

BC5631 General

BC5632 Gender / Sexism

BC5633 Racism

BC5634 Nepotism / Clientelism

BC5635 Religious Discrimination

BC5636 Other

BC564 Exploitation

BC5641 General

BC5642 Slavery

BC5643 Sexual Harassment

BC5644 Human Trafficking

BC5645 Other

BC565 Other

BC57 Other

BC6 Business and Economic Ethics Teaching

BC61 General

BC62 Teaching

BC621 General

BC622 Teaching Curricula

BC623 Teaching Legislation

BC624 Teaching Publications

BC625 Teachers Responsibility

BC626 Students Responsibility

BC627 Other

BC63 Training

BC631 General

BC632 Training Curricula

BC633 Training Legislation

BC634 Training Publications

BC635 Other

BC64 Research

BC641 General

BC642 Research Ethics

BC643 Research Programs

BC644 Research Publications

BC645 Other

BC65 Other

BC7 Other

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