Business Ethics
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How can food loss and waste management achieve sustainable development goals?
For the love of green: Between ecology and dollars
Interplay between stakeholder relationship, accounting choices and labor investment
Addressing the Anthropology of Business Ethics: Insights from Catholic Social Thought
Investigating the implementation of triple bottom line in an agricultural company
Evaluating the link between values and ethical leadership behaviour with attention given to the moderating effect of person-organization fit
Neoklassische Verhaltensmodell des homo oeconomicus: eine kritische Würdigung aus der Perspektive christlicher Anthropologie und Ethik
Corporate Social Responsibility in Sales - Utilising CSR activities during sales process
Sustaining good perceptions towards recipients of zakat under the category of riqab
The challenge of stickiness in contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 2030 through zakat institutions in Malaysia
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