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This collection contains case studies in professional ethics including many professional areas, economic sectors and countries realized in cooperation with Fondation pour le progrès de l'homme (Fph). Originally this project contributed to Fph's project "Casothèque de la responsabilité sociale des cadres" (case study collection of the social responsibility of managers).
Case studies are a useful and broadly used method and instrument to strengthen professional ethical behaviour especially in decisions with an ethical dilemma. A collection of case studies is a tool for training and education. An analytical report of the cases is included in the collection: "Casothèque éthique: Collection of Case Studies on Professional Ethics", Report to Fph by Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger and Natalie Emch.

Since 2018, this collection has been further enlarged to include other case studies related to responsible management worldwide to reach a total of over 1'400 entries.

New Articles

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