Catholic Ethics
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Addressing the Anthropology of Business Ethics: Insights from Catholic Social Thought
Teilhard de Chardin’s oeuvre within an ongoing discussion of a gene drive release for public health reasons
Nuclear strategy and Catholicism : a reappraisal
Habermas, Taylor, and Connolly on Secularism, Pluralism, and the Post-Secular Public Sphere
Sexual abuse within employment settings:a comparison of work-related, intra- and extra-familial child molesters
The mattering of others and the possibility of politics
Faith-based organisations as welfare providers in Brazil: the conflict over gender in cases of domestic violence
Eating Meat
Entre agujas y catecismo. Representaciones de género y estrategias políticas en el trabajo. El Sindicato de Costureras de Buenos Aires y la campaña en defensa del trabajo a domicilio (1936-1946) = Bet...
Chinese Catholic Nuns and the Organization of Religious Life in Contemporary China
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