Catholic Ethics
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Transnational Religious Networks, Liberation Theology and Indigenist Pastoral in Mexico and Guatemala, 1968-1975
A critical Time for Bridge-Building : Catholic Theological Ethics Today. The Third International Conference of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC). Sprawozdanie ze światowego spotk...
Duration and Depravity: Religious and Secular Temporality in Puritanism and the American Gothic
Julius Caesar, Fortune, and Latin Historiography in Twelfth-Century England
Pacioli, Popes, and the Bottom Billion: A Timeless Perspective on Economic Development
Un’ evidenza negata?
Taking the "Sum Total" of the Common Good in Religious Freedom Discourse
Estudo comparativo : unidade letiva Ecologia e Valores do programa de Educação Moral e Religiosa Católica e educação ambiental e desenvolvimento sustentável do programa de Cidadania e Desenvolvimento
¿Católicas con conciencia de clase? Obreras y señoras de la Acción Católica Española en el franquismo: una historia de influencias y desavenencias en torno al género, la religión y la clase
Mary, Queen of Style: Documenting Catholic Modest Fashion in Special Collections
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