Chinese Ethics / 中文伦理
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Understanding Consumer Ethics in China’s Demographic Shift and Social Reforms
A 10-year follow up of publishing ethics in China: what is new and what is unchanged
Morality as Legitimacy under Xi Jinping: The Political Functionality of Traditional Culture for the Chinese Communist Party
Land and Retribution: Morality, Mobilization, and Violence in China’s Land Reform Campaign (1950-1952)
Interrelations Between Ethical Leadership, Green Psychological Climate, and Organizational Environmental Citizenship Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model
Travel and the Chinese outbound tourism market: Governance and Ethical considerations
Off with Their Heads! How China's Controversial Human Head-Transplant Procedure Exceeds the Parameters of International Ethical Standards in Human Experimentation
Doctors in the People's Republic of China : a research of profession and professionalization
1er El Tiempo Que Resta, Día del maestro; Senati y realidad virtual; Ruta del agua en Lima; protesta por contaminación minera; Reciclado de la basura en Lima y China; Forestación; Apocalipsis: blasfem...
The Practical Wisdom of Aristotle in the Era of Postmodernism (Managing China’s Sports Reform)
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