Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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来华耶稣会士韩国英与中国文化的西传 [Pierre-Martial Cibot S.J.and the Dissemination of Chinese Culture]
澳门圣保禄教堂与日本教难 [The Church of St. Paul in Macau and Martyrdom in Japan]
高第丕悲剧人生述论 [Study on Crawford's Tragic Life]
传教事业的世俗化:美北长老会在山东早期活动研究(1861-1900) [Secularization of Mission:a Study of the Activities of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America in Shandong in the Early Time (1861-1900)]
近代美国公理会在鲁西北活动研究 [The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Activities in Northwest Shandong (1840——1949)]
英国革命时期贵格会社会和平思想的演变研究 [The Research on the Development of the Thoughts of Social Peace of Quakers in the Period of English Revolution]
晚明耶稣会士译著序跋研究 [A Study of the Prefaces and Postscripts of the Jesuits' Translated Works in Late Ming Dynasty]
民国时期中华卫生教育会研究(1916-1930) [Research on the Council of Health Education during the Republic of China (1916-1930)]
美国北长老会与晚清山东社会(1861-1911) [The American Presbyterian Mission in Shandong (1861-1911)]
大学生天主教信徒信仰的文化研究 [A Case Study:Cultural Interpretation of the College Students' Belief of Catholicism]
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