Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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宗教视野中的文学变革(1915-1919) [Chinese Literature Transition in Religion Vision (1915-1919)]
救赎·毁灭·死亡 [Redemption·Annihilation·Death]
英格兰宗教改革时期的新教改革者与传播媒介 [Protestants and Media in the English Reformation]
戊戌维新时期《万国公报》的传播策略研究 [During the Wuxu Reform of the Review of the Times Communication Strategy Study]
墨海书馆研究 [The Research of the London Missionary Society Press]
抗战时期卢斯和《生活》杂志对华报道研究 [Research on the Reports of Luce and His LIFE in Sino-Japanese War]
清末民初报人宗教情怀的嬗变 [The Transmutation of Reporters' Religious Feelings in End of the Qing Dynasty and Early of the Republic of China]
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