Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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光何以美? ———论基督教教父释经学对«创世记»首章中光的美学阐释
早期美国文学中上帝形象的巨变 [The Great Changes of the God's Image in the Early American Literature]
时间作为伦理宗教中神人关系的思维建构——论奥古斯丁《忏悔录》中时间概念的内在逻辑 [Time as a rational construction of divine-human relationship in ethical religions:Theinternallogic of the concept of time in Augustine's Confessions]
上帝回归乎?——儒家上帝观的历史演变及对儒教复兴的启示 [Does God Return? The Historical Evolution of Confucian Concept of God and its Revelation for the Renaissance of Confucianism]
他们不一样的上帝——多恩与赫伯特神学诗中的上帝形象之比较 [Their Different God: A Comparative Study of God's Image in Donne's and Herbert's Divine Poetry]
Integration and Innovation: On Dan Nan’s Painting Philosophy behind The Concept of the Five-Element Color System
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