Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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The Hidden Feminine Tradition of Trinity
雍乾时期天主教徒的宗教情结 [The Religious Complex of the Catholics in the Reigns of Yongzheng and Qianlong]
圣荣的显现——早期基督形象确立的历程与神学背景 [Appearance of the Christ---Process and Theological Background of the Establishment of Early Image of the Christ]
作为哲学观想对象的神学主题——试析奥古斯丁建构三位一体论的形上哲学方法论 [Theological Theme as a Philosophical Object:A Preliminary Study of the Philosophical Methodology of Augustinus' Theory of Trinity]
形上之路:“Una essentia-tres personae”——论奥古斯丁的三位一体上帝论的哲学建构 [Path through Metaphysics:Una essentia-tres personae-On St. Augustine's Philosophical Construction of the Trinitarianism]
俄羅斯東正教的索菲亞神學傳統及其形上學困境 [The Theological Tradition of Sophia in the Eastern Orthodox Church and its Metaphysical Dilemma ]
作为哲学观想对象的基督宗教神学核心概念Person [Christian Theological Concept of Person Regarded as a Philosophical Subject]
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