Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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Religions and Christianity in Today's China [Vol. 5 2015 No. 1]
基督教婚姻观与中国当代婚姻观的比较 [Christian Marriage Compared with China Contemporary Views of Marriage]
试论1624-1939年间山西省的天主教人口状况 [On the Catholic Population of Shanxi between 1624 and 1939]
Bestimmungen der Chinesischen katholischen Bischofskonferenz für die Wahl und Weihe von Bischöfen
探寻救世的圣容 [Seeking Salvation of Icon]
韩霖《铎书》思想研究 [The Studof Hanlin the "Hidor Book"]
试论王韬的基督教信仰 [On Wang Tao's Christian Belief]
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