Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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医患矛盾视角下中西方死亡观差异与死亡教育研究 [Discussion of The Difference Between Chinese and Western Death Sense From The Perspective of Doctor- patient Conflicts and Enlightenment of Development of Death Education]
中世纪基督教的灵肉观及其对体育的影响 [Soul and Body Value of Medieval Christianity and its influence on Sports]
信仰寻求理解和理解开导信仰——反思宗教、神学与哲学的关系 ["Belief Seeks Understanding "and"Understanding Explains Belief"——Reflection on the Relation of Religion,Theology and Philosophy]
加尔文归正信仰启示观研究 [Research on Calvin's Revelation View of Reformed Faith]
中世纪早期基督教会对世俗武力的规范与引导 [How the Early Medieval Church Regulated and Guided the Use of Secular Force]
演化思想发展中的自然神学 [Natural Theology in the Development of Evolutionary Thoughts]
基督教青年信众的婚恋观及其影响因素 [Research on the Outlook of Love and Marrige of Young Christian and Influencing Factors]
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