Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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Entrepreneurs with Christian Values
Religions and Christianity in Today's China [Vol. 6 2016 No. 3]
Programmatische Rede Xi Jinpings auf der Nationalen Konferenz zur Religionsarbeit
中国宗教与留学事业的兴起与发展 [China's Religion and the Development of Chinese Overseas Study Programme]
文化共生视野下近代中国教会大学文献研究——以天津工商学院为例 [Modern Chinese Missionary University Literature Study in the Perspective of Cultural Symbiosis——Taking Tianjin Technology and Business College as the Example]
宗教、政治与文化:索隐派与来华传教士的易学研究 [Religion, Politics and Culture: the Figurists and the Study of The Book of Changes by Foreign Missionaries in China]
文明、经济与布罗代尔的现实情怀 [Civilization,Economy and the Practical Concerns of Braudel]
现代汉语中日语外来词词源考辨 [A Textual Research on Sino-xenic Return Words of Japanese Loanwords in Modern Chinese]
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