Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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我们都是地球上的客人 对气候正义的全球基 督徒愿景 [We are all Guests on Earth A Global Christian Vision for Climate Justice]
中国慈善伦理研究 [Research on Chinese Charity Ethics]
Vom Umgang der Tang-Dynastie (618–907) mit ihrem „religiösen Pluralismus“
全球伦理网 共享跨文化与 宗教的价值原则
Zum Tod von Bischof K.H. Ting (1915–2012)
Preface by Christoph Stückelberger
No Interest From the Poor: Calvin's Economic and Banking Ethics不向穷人取利:加尔文的经济和银行业伦理
Business Ethics in the Perspectives of Christian Social Teaching and Confucian Moral Philosophy
Who Does It First? Whom Do We Sacrifice First? --- Ethical Aspects of Climate Justice谁人先丧命?首牺牲何人?
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