Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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Toward a Shared, Sustainable Future
托马斯·M. 林赛及其对宗教改革时期的《圣经》解释
Konferenz: The 9th International Symposium on the History of Christianity in Modern China, “Chinese Christianity after 1949”, Hong Kong Baptist University, 12.-14.6.2015
基督宗教与医疗 用爱呵护生命
作为恩赐和礼物的基督:路德称义观的挑战 [Christ as Favor and Gift:The Challenge of Luther's Understanding of Justification]
早期美国文学中上帝形象的巨变 [The Great Changes of the God's Image in the Early American Literature]
自然法与信:路德神学中被遗忘的伦理学根基 [Natural Law and Faith:The Forgotten Foundations of Ethics in Luther's Theology]
智利基督教民主党与“第三条道路” [Chile's Christian Democratic Party and the Third Way]
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