Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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作为恩赐和礼物的基督:路德称义观的挑战 [Christ as Favor and Gift:The Challenge of Luther's Understanding of Justification]
苏格兰议会研究(1290-1707年) [A Study of the Scottish Parliament,1290-1707]
英国中世纪神秘连环剧对圣经的改编 [The Adaptation of English Medieval Mystery Cycles from the Bible]
中世纪基督教的灵肉观及其对体育的影响 [Soul and Body Value of Medieval Christianity and its influence on Sports]
修道院文化对中世纪大学的影响 [The Influence of the Cloister Cultures on the Universities in the Middle Ages]
中世纪早期基督教会对世俗武力的规范与引导 [How the Early Medieval Church Regulated and Guided the Use of Secular Force]
拜占庭教会音乐探析 [A Study on the Byzantine Church Music]
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