Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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基督宗教与医疗 用爱呵护生命
英国工业化时期福音派上层对工人阶级的关怀 [Concern of the Upper Evangelicals to Working Class in Industrial Britain]
沉与浮:明清鼎革变局中的欧洲传教士利类思与安文思(上) [On the ups and downs of Lodovico Buglio & Gabriel de Magalhaes' s life]
英国革命时期贵格会社会和平思想的演变研究 [The Research on the Development of the Thoughts of Social Peace of Quakers in the Period of English Revolution]
19世纪初叶西方传教士漳州方言文献音系考 [On the Phonetic System of Zhangzhou Dialect Documents Written by the Western Missionaries at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century]
斯宾诺莎的《圣经》解释学 [Spinoza's Hermeneutics for Bible]
19世纪德国天主教社会训导理论之核心宗旨 [The Core Purpose of German Catholic Social Teaching Theory in 19th Century]
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