Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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神学与马克思主义之间的张力——本雅明历史批判思想的检视与反思 [The Tension between Theology and Marxism-Review and Reflections on Benjamin's Historical Critical Thought]
天主教会政治—社会立场的转变与政治发展进程:拉美实例 [Catholic Church and Political Development:The Case of Latin America]
基督教信仰对妇女婚姻满意感之影响 [The Impact of Christianity on Women's Marital Satisfaction]
論莫爾特曼遊戲神學的審美解放論性質——兼與馬爾庫塞之比較 [On the Essence of Aesthetic Liberation in Moltmann's Theology of Play:A Comparison with Herbert Marcuse]
从《旧约圣经·创世记》看既定秩序与自由创造 [On Established Order and Free Creation through a Study of Genesis in the Holy Bible]
“解放神学马克思主义”的兴起及其特征 [The Rising and the Characteristics of the Marxism of Liberation Theology]