Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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乡村基督教本土化研究 [Localization of Christianity in Rural China]
上帝与祖宗的对话:中国基督教家庭的婚礼实践与家文化研究 [The Dialogue between God and Ancestor:Marriage, Ritual and Familism in a Chinese Christian Family]
也谈天主教民主办教 [Talk Again on Running Church Affairs in Democratic Way by Catholic Church]
詹森派视野中的“利玛窦规矩”——以《耶稣会士的实用伦理学》第二卷为中心 ["Matteo Ricci Rules" in the View of the Jansenists:On the Volume 2 of Jesus's Practical Ethics]
民国时期中国基督徒的两性话语研究 [A Study on Bi-sex Discourses in the Christianity of China during the Republican Period]
探寻救世的圣容 [Seeking Salvation of Icon]
激情圣诞夜 恒久贵友情
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