Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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圣经重译的理念与实践 [On Retranslation of the Bible into Contemporary Chinese:Concepts and Practice]
托马斯·默顿的无畏之言 [To Uncage His Voice:Thomas Merton's Inner Journey towards Parrhesia]
加强引导与服务 甘肃天主教事务管理开出新局
凝心聚力 建设和谐健康发展的中国教会 中国基督教第九次代表会议在北京召开 [The Ninth National Chinese Christian Congress Held in Beijing]
爱的盟约:基督教婚姻的伦理价值 [Loving Oath of Alliance ——the Ethical Value of Christianity Marriage]
社会工作的源起与基督教公益慈善——以方法和视角的形成为中心 [The Origin of Social Work and Christian Public Welfare Charity——Take The Forming of Method and Perspective as Center]
与时代同行 深圳天主教独立自主自办之路
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