Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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从神学人格到阶级意识—重释马克思宗教批判的政治动机 [From Theology Personality to Class Consciousness-the Political Intention to Marx's Critique of Religion]
海德格尔形式显示思想研究 [A Study on Heidegger's Thought of Formal Indication]
西方、中国与蒙地宗教人性论研究 [A Comparative Study of Human Nature of Western, Chinese and Mongolian Thoughts]
科学诞生“源”与“流”的哲学研究 [Philosophical Research on the Source and Course of the Birth of Science]
哲学抵抗与“真正的生活”——福柯论犬儒主义 [Philosophical Resistance and Alēthēs Bios:Foucault's Study of Cynicism]
西洋正义战争学说简述——从奥古斯丁到维多利亚 [An Outline of the Doctrine of Just War in the West—— From Augustine to Vitoria]
试论斯宾诺莎“概念论”与莱布尼兹“单子论” [On Spinoza's Idealism and Leibniz's Monads]
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