Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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澳门圣保禄教堂与日本教难 [The Church of St. Paul in Macau and Martyrdom in Japan]
17世纪西方传教士对东方占星术的认识——对陆若汉《日本教会史》的解读 [The Western Missionaries' Recognization towards the Eastern Astrology in the 17~(th) Century:An Analysis on Joāo Rodrigues' The Ecclesiastical History of Japan]
美国华人教会在华人同化过程中的功能分析 [A Study of the Functions of Chinese Christian Church for Chinese Immigrants in America in the Process of Assimilation]
20世纪70年代以来美国华裔宗教信仰探析 [Analysis of Chinese-American Religions Belief Since 1970s]
“文化传播”理论视角中的传教士与美国华人社会(1848-1900) [The Study of Missionary and Chinese American Community upon the Perspective of the Cultural Communation Theory (1848-1900)]
从“多神”到“基督”:美籍华人宗教信仰变迁及其影响 [From "the Multi-Gods" to "Christ": Chinese-American Religious' Change and Its' Impact]
印度果阿访问记之四 一块基督教石刻
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