Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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宗教群体性事件的演化过程与系统治理——以北京守望教会事件为对象的研究 [Transforming Systems and Management Systems of the Religious Group-events——A Case Study of Urban Emerging Church]
基督教家庭教会法律问题研究 [Study on the Legal Issues of Christian Family Church]
中国家庭教会个案研究 [Chinese House Churches:a Case Study]
目前长沙市高校周边基督教家庭聚会问题研究 [The Research on Christian House Meetings Around Colleges in Changsha]
城市基督教的传播实践及其意义系统的生产 [Studies on the Communicative Mechanism of Civic Christianity And Production of Its Significance System]
解构与建构:村庄共同体变迁中的农村家庭教会 [Construction and Dissolution: the Rural Family Church in Village Community Transformation]
村落视野中的基督教家庭教会研究 [The Vision of Christian Family Church Villages in Eastern SuiXian Research-NanXu Village as a Case Study]
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