Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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Chinese Explorations of Orthodox Theology: A Critical Review
Ernst Faber’s (1839-1899): Theories of Human Nature
Free to Obey: Gao Panlong and Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Selflessness, Fate, and Freedom
上帝回归乎?——儒家上帝观的历史演变及对儒教复兴的启示 [Does God Return? The Historical Evolution of Confucian Concept of God and its Revelation for the Renaissance of Confucianism]
试论明清之际来华耶稣会士与儒家基督徒之学术交往——以马若瑟与刘凝为中心 [Research on the Friendship between Missionary and Confucian Christian in Early Qing Dynasty]
明清之际东传科学与儒家天道观的嬗变 [The Spread of Western Science in China and the Evolution of the Confucian View of Heaven in the Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasty]
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