Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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19世纪80年代四部传教士汕头方言著作音系比较 [A Comparative Research on Phonetic Systems of Four Swatow Dialect Works by Western Missionaries in the 1880s]
Economic Growth and the Impact of Christian Ideas in Post-Maoist China
中西创世纪神话对比研究 [Genese Mythique: Identite Et Diversite]
从《圣经》文本的角度谈语言的不可译性 [A General Discussion of Linguistic Untranslatability from the Angle of Translating Biblical Texts]
印耶皈依之辩——印度立法和印度教与基督教之间辩论 [Debate on Conversion between Hindu and Christian]
Tibeter und Muslime in Nordwestchina: eine komplexe Beziehung
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