Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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青岛教堂建筑设计特征研究 [Study on Qingdao Church Building Design Features]
济南将军庙天主教堂建筑环境设计研究 [Research of Environment Design on Jinan JiangJunMiao Catholic Church Building]
安徽地区基督教教堂建筑研究 [The Research of Christian Building of Anhui Area]
三十载耕耘结硕果 中国天主教神哲学院成立30周年庆祝大会在京举行 [Anniversary to Celebrate Foundation of Chinese Catholic Seminary for 30 Years Held in Beijing]
福州基督教堂建筑研究 [Research on Protestant Church Building in Fuzhou]
近代南京基督教堂建筑研究 [Study on the Modern Christian Churches in Nanjing]
湖南近代教会建筑研究 [Research on the Modern Mission Architectures of Hunan Province]
近代以来东北基督教建筑调查与研究 [Survey and Research on Christian Architecture in Northeast China Since the Modern Times]
当代教堂建筑设计中对宗教精神的表达 [The Expression of Religious Spirit in the Contemporary Church Design]
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