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Chinese version: 查询在线中国基督教文库收藏(中文 )

The Online Chinese Christianity Collection is a comprehensive free online collection of Chinese theology and on Christianity in China, including material in Chinese as well in other languages relating to Chinese theology and Christianity. The online collection is a joint initiative from, Geneva, and Kingdom Business College, Beijing, China. The Online Chinese Christianity Collection includes: -Academic and scientific lliterature, including commentaries, theses/dissertations, educational documents, curricula etc. -Collections of sermons, prayers, liturgical and worship material -Biblical collections (commentaries, theology, handbooks etc.) -Material from partner institutions, seminaries, universities, publishers, and/or content providers in China, Hong Kong SAR, and the United States, such as the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, the Hong Kong Baptist University, Yale Divinity School, and China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) -Open access sources, harvested from Chinese open repositories -Audio-visual materials including sermons, music, worship and Christian art, architecture, manuscripts etc.

Important note!
Please be aware that NOT ALL of the content of this collection is classified according to the classification subjects! In order to broaden or refine your search, you may use the search functions. If you search with Chinese characters you need to put each search term in "quotation" marks, for example "基督" for "Christ".
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FA1    Reference Works
FA2    Institutional Documents
FA3    Themes
FA4    Chinese Christianity
FA5    Worship Resources
FA6    Educational Resources
FA7    Christian Literature & Arts


Classification Tree Details

FA1    Reference Works                                                     
           FA11    Encyclopedias                                    
           FA12    Dictionaries
           FA13    Biblical Commentaries
           FA14    Bibliographies                              
           FA15    Handbooks
           FA16    Biographies
           FA17    Other

FA2    Institutional documents
           FA21    China State Legislation
                         FA2101    National
                         FA2102    Provinces
           FA22    Communist Party of China CPC
           FA23    Bureau of Religious Affairs SARA      
                        FA2301    National  
                        FA2302    Provinces
           FA24    China Christian Council/TSPM 
                        FA2401    National 
                        FA2402    Provinces      
           FA25    Catholic Churches                           
                        FA2501    National  
                        FA2502    Provinces     
           FA26    Institutions for Research and Formation       
                        FA2601    CASS national and provincial  
                        FA2602    University Departments and  Institutes for Religious Studies 
                        FA2603    Theol. Seminaries, national
                        FA2604    Theol. Seminaries, provincial      
                        FA2605    Bible Schools
                        FA2606    Others 
           FA27    Christian Associations         
                        FA2701    Social Associations  
                        FA2702    Philanthropy Foundations  
                        FA2703    Business Associations      
                        FA2704    House/Family Churches       
                        FA2705    Youth Associations         
                        FA2706    Others
           FA28    Christian Media Institutions      
                        FA2801    Publishers (journals)    
                        FA2802    Audio/Video Institutions       
                        FA2803    Social Media Institutions              
                        FA2804    Others                          
           FA29    Others         

FA3   Themes                                           
           FA30 General Theology                    
           FA31    Biblical Studies
                        FA3101 Bible (as a whole)   
                        FA3102 Old Testament  
                        FA3103    New Testament      
                        FA3104    Biblical hermeneutics, Interpretation of the Bible   
                        FA3105    Biblical Theologies
                        FA3106    Intercultural Studies
                        FA3107    Others
           FA32    Dogmatics
                         FA3201    Creator and Creation
                         FA3202    Jesus Christ
                         FA3203    Holy Spirit
                         FA3204    Divine Unity (Trinity)
                         FA3205    The human being
                         FA3206    Salvation/liberation
                         FA3207    Sacraments/community 
                         FA3208    Eschatology
                         FA3209    Creeds, confessions
                         FA3210    Apologetics and polemics
                         FA3211    Ecclesiology
                         FA3212    Public, political theology
                         FA3213    Others
           FA33    Ethics
                        FA3301    Global ethics     
                        FA3302    Political ethics   
                        FA3303    Economic ethics     
                        FA3304    Cultural ethics      
                        FA3305    Religious ethics      
                        FA3306    Methods of ethics    
                        FA3307    Bio ethics      
                        FA3308    Community ethics      
                        FA3309    Environmental ethics     
                        FA3310    Others                                    
           FA34    Church history and contemporary Christianity
                        FA3401    Early church    
                        FA3402    Medieval period
                        FA3403    Reformation
                        FA3404    18/19th century 
                        FA3405    20th century
                        FA3406    Contemporary
                        FA3407    History of Christian missions
                        FA3408    Ecumenism and the Ecumenical

                        FA3409    World Christianity 
                        FA3410    Others
           FA35    Intercultural and contextual theologies
                        FA3501    Missiology
                        FA3502    Ecumenical theologies
                        FA3503    Intercultural theologies
                        FA3504    Postcolonial theologies
                        FA3505    Black theologies
                        FA3506    Gender and theology
                        FA3507    Feminist theologies
                        FA3508    Liberation theologies
                        FA3509    Indigenous theologies
                        FA3510    Others
           FA36    Practical theology and theological education
                        FA3601    Teaching of theology, ecumenism, religions
                        FA3602    Liturgy, spiritual formation
                        FA3603    Training of church leaders
                        FA3604    Ministerial and pastoral training
                        FA3605    Lay Formation
                        FA3606    Theological courses 
                        FA3607    Theological schools, associations 
                        FA3608    Practical theology
                            FA36081    Diakonia, Social services
                        FA3609    Others                                  

           FA37    Religious studies and comparative religion
                        FA3701    Sociology of religion
                        FA3702    History of religion  
                        FA3703    Philosophy of religion  
                        FA3704    Founders, leaders of religions
                        FA3705    Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
                        FA3706    Others                                  

FA4    Chinese Christianity  
           FA41    History of Christianity in China  
                        FA4101    Pre-16th century     
                        FA4102    1500-1800      
                        FA4103    1800-1949
                        FA4104    1949-1978 
                        FA4105    1978-2015
                        FA4106    2015 
           FA42   by region
                        FA4201    PRC
                        FA4202    SAR Hong Kong
                        FA4203    SAR Macau
                        FA4204    Taiwan
                        FA4205    SE Asia
                        FA4206    Chinese diaspora
                        FA4207    Others   
           FA43   Christian traditions
                        FA4301    Protestantism
                        FA4302    Catholicism  
                        FA4303    Orthodoxy  
                        FA4304    Others      
           FA44   Churches and Christian movements  
                        FA4401    China Christian Council / Three Self Patriotic Movement            
                        FA4402    House and family churches   
                        FA4403    Company churches  
                        FA4404    Catholic Church in China / Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association
                        FA4405    Others     
           FA45    Christian-Socialist Dialogue in China
           FA46    Religions in China (Christian authors' writings on these topics)
                        FA4601    Confucianism
                        FA4602    Buddhism 
                        FA4603    Taoism 
                        FA4604    Islam   
                        FA4605    Judaism 
                        FA4606    Indigenous religions
                        FA4607    New Religious Movements
                        FA4608    Others     

FA5    Worship Resources
           FA51    Sermons 
           FA52    Prayers   
           FA53    Liturgical, Hymns and Worship Material
           FA54    Others                      

FA6    Educational resources
           FA61    Christian Education in Family  
           FA62    Christian Education
                        in Kinder-Gardens/Schools 

           FA63    Christian Education in Universities          
           FA64    Christian Education in Churches,
                        Sunday Schools    

           FA65    Christian Education in Associations       
           FA66    Others          

FA7    Christian Literature & Arts   
           FA71    Literature 
           FA72    Music & Arts

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