Climate Ethics
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Climate Change in the Peruvian Andes: A Case Study on Small-Scale Farmers’ Vulnerability in the Quillcay River Basin
A Climate and Operational Vulnerability Assessment of the Water Company in Salamanca, Chile
Tackling vulnerability in climate change for Peruvian public health
VIDEO: Session 5: Wrap-Up: Themes, Cross-Cutting Issues, and Transferable Lessons
VIDEO: Session 4: Adapting to Water Scarcity and Droughts in Federations
VIDEO: Opening Remarks and Session 1: The Challenge of Water Scarcity in Basins Around the World: An Introduction
Sustainable Value And Eco-Communal Management: Systemic Measures For The Outcome Of Renewable Energy Businesses In Developing, Emerging, And Developed Economies
Climate Change and Migration: A CGE Analysis for Two Large Urban Regions of Latin America
Declaración de Líderes Religiosos y Espirituales sobre la COP21 — Consejo Mundial de Iglesias
Déclaration de responsables religieux et spirituels pour la COP21 — Conseil œcuménique des Églises
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