Climate Ethics
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Stoic Theology: Revealing or Redundant?
A Catholic Response to Global Climate Change Migration
What Can We Learn from Pope Francis About Change Management for Environmental Sustainability? A Case Study on Success Factors for Leading Change in Change-Resistant Institutional Environments
Faith and Development in Focus: Senegal
Faith and Development in Focus: Senegal
2018_08_15 (Headlines, Katharine Gerbner, Gotta Persad)
“To turn the world upside down”: an empirical study of Salvationist understandings of holiness in the Anthropocene
A Tale of Two Christianities: the Religiopolitical Clash Over Climate Change Within America's Dominant Religion
Framing 'Green Pope' Francis : newspaper coverage of Encyclical 'Laudato Si' in the United States and the United Kingdom / María José Pou Amérigo.
The case for a theology of disaster risk management
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