Climate Ethics
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A guiding model for decolonizing environmental science research and restoring relational accountability with Indigenous communities
La protección del conocimiento tradicional indígena a través del derecho a la libertad religiosa: un nuevo frente en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Partilha do conhecimento nas empresas do setor de serviços
Democratic Republic of Congo Systematic Country Diagnostic : Policy Priorities for Poverty Reduction and Shared Prosperity in a Post-Conflict Country and Fragile State
Country Partnership Framework for Romania for the Period FY19-23
Solomon Islands Systematic Country Diagnostic : Priorities for Supporting Poverty Reduction and Promoting Shared Prosperity
Repuplic of Liberia From Growth to Development : Priorities for Sustainably Reducing Poverty and Achieving Middle-Income Status by 2030
Future Armenia : Connect, Compete, Prosper
The World Bank Group Beyond the Crisis
China Systematic Country Diagnostic : Towards a More Inclusive and Sustainable Development
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